The “MSSAT HOME” page gives a little background to the formation of the Trust. We are delighted to post a Research paper received from Donald Pettitt Manager of the Canterbury Mens  Centre and written by Research Scholar Silas Thielmann while he was with the CMC.  We welcome your feedback on his findings.  See the “RESEARCH […]


Please be aware that this website deals with topics that some visitors may find disturbing. We advise caution, particularly with our younger Internet surfers. Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust (MSSAT) started in 1991 in Christchurch when a client asked his Counsellor how he could go about meeting other men who had experienced similar childhood trauma. […]

Carpet Cleaning – Get the Professional Service That You Expect

  Why North shore carpets? You could find many local North shore carpet cleaning companies however what makes right and special for your own carpet cleaning task is quality checks, safety measures and experience. Being a licensed company in carpet steam cleaning service, you value your property and this is why team ensure every object […]

Why You Should Use Professional Pest Control Services

  To have a better understanding of what pest control is about, here’s a brief overview of what a pest is. Essentially, pests are any destructive and unwanted animals or insects that attack livestock, plants or food. Pests can come in a variety of sizes and types. Some are small enough to pass through a […]