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Newshub – 10 December 2017

Lost Opportunity? A dilemma that faces many sexual assault victims is whether they’ll be believed. Mike Wesley-Smith looks into the case of a man who says police mishandled his complaint of rape in 2011.

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TVNZ-One News – 8 November 2017

‘We have to do this’ – Government’s commitment for independent inquiry into sexual abuse in state care reaffirmed.

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Te Karere TVNZ – 7 November 2017

A plea has been made to the Government to launch an official inquiry into historic sex abuse in New Zealand. The call emerged from the International Male Sex Abuse conference being held in Christchurch..

The New Zealand Herald – 19 September 2017

The Big Read: Man told sexual abuse is not a crime because it was the 70s

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TVNZ-One News – 10 August 2017

Kiwi men who’ve survived sexual abuse photographed as part of international art project
The Bristlecone project has profiled survivors in 11 countries.

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The Gisborne Herald – 16 April 2017

Real blokes do cry
One in eight Kiwi boys are sexually abused before they are 16, but in Godzone boys and ‘real men’ don’t cry — so they find it difficult to talk.

Stuff – 19 March 2017

Twenty-year fight for justice for male survivors of sexual abuse continues
An advocate working with male survivors of sexual abuse is still pleading with the Government for a formal inquiry into the abuse of children in state care – 20 years after the campaign was launched.

Stuff – 27 February 2017

Palmerston North community gather for seminar on sexual violence
Silence and emotion hung in the air as about 80 Manawatu people listened to stories of rape, childhood abuse, and the need to speak out.

The Press – 4 May 2016

Also on: – 3 May 2016

The Courier – 3 May 2016

Push for Royal Commission into child sexual abuse in New Zealand
When Grant West was eight he was placed in juvenile detention after he was caught by police attempting to burn down a Presbyterian Church.

1in6 – 15 March 2016

Sexual Abuse of Men: Bringing the Issue to Times Square.

Nelson Mail – 31 March 2015

National support for abused men
For the first time in New Zealand, a national structure has been set up specifically to support male survivors of sexual abuse.

NZ Herald – 30 June 2014

Sexual violence experts in Northland
A powerful vehicle for helping professionals help survivors of sexual violence has made two stops in Northland on a roadshow that will include only three North Island seminars.

Maori TV (New Zealand) – 2 December 2013

Programme: The Nutters Club, Series 4 Episode 11 Ken Clearwater and Rewi Smith interviewed by Mike King

TV1 Breakfast News (New Zealand) – 16 August 2013

Programme: Breakfast News Interview with Ken Clearwater (starts at 20:27 and finishes at 24:28)

TV1 (New Zealand) – 8 December 2012

Programme: Breakfast Interview with Ken Clearwater – Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign is happening overseas but not here; why aren’t we more concerned about the male victims of sexual abuse and the organisations that try to help them?

The Timaru Herald – 5 October 2012

Sunday Star Times – 2 September 2012 (section A7)

Dunedin Star – 5 July 2012 (page 4)

The Press – 26 June 2012 (section A6)

Nelson Mail – 15 March 2012 (page 4)

Fairfax National NZ News – 15 March 2012

Sunday Star Times – 26 February 2012 (section A10)

Hutt News – 21 February 2012 (pages 14 & 15)

Upper Hutt Leader – 8 February 2012 (page 22)

Marae Investigates – 28 August 2011

Male sexual abuse victim speaks out
From the Marae Investigates channel on YouTube.