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Zoë Brock was one of the first six women to speak out against Harvey Weinstein.
She was on The Project last night … see at 3’08” into the interview … she says this is not just about women … men too … boys … abused … talks about the stats… Thanks you Zoë.
Watch the video on The Project FaceBook page.
And here is Zoë’s FaceBook page.

The Glenn Inquiry – Child Abuse and domestic violence, it’s everyone’s problem

More than half of violent crime happens within our families.
New Zealand has the fifth highest rate of child abuse in the developed world.
On average 14 women, 7 men and 8 children are killed by a member of their family every year.
Thousands more are hurt or scarred for life…. Read More >>


For men whose lives have been disrupted by unwanted or abusive sexual experiences, working through it can help turn things around… Read More >>

The Hand Mirror – What about teh menz?

I don’t know about other feminists, but I have very little patience with people who want to undermine equity driven responses to women’s oppression by… Read More >>

Links from Elizabeth Willmott Harrop

She-wolves in sheeps’ clothing…

In New Zealand, 48% of child abusers are women. These are ordinary women not evil aberrations. Women for whom factors such as their own history as a victim of abuse, poverty and social isolation, have collided to create a parent unable to live up to the ideal of the all-nurturing, self sacrificing mother. Society has to take responsibility for creating both the idealistic image and the conditions under which women are unable to nurture their children. Meanwhile the female perpetrator is unacknowledged by society, giving her and her child victims no way out.

On Line Opinion: Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate 1,800 word version:

Her website :Liberty and Humanity full length 4,500 word version:

Healing the Survivor
This website has been put together by an Intuitive Counselor in Oakland, California, USA who works with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. The site includes an archive of articles that are geared towards helping Male Survivors with their recovery process.
The website also provides a free newsletter that is sent out bi-weekly, covering topics specifically geared towards Male Survivors.
NOTE: sadly this website seems no longer accessible.