Damion’s Poem

From the days of old,

Santa’s real I’m bloody told

What was going on back then?

I wasn’t even hitting ten.

Taught to lie and bullshit,

Well I’m sorry this is it.

I make my own decisions today

No time for bullshit I say.


Only the truth can set me free,

And I know the truth about me.

I’ve lived in the gutter for too long,

No answers from puffing on a bong.


Blocking out the pains I feel,

Simply not being totally real.

Inflicting pains on my loved ones,

With lives, not knives or guns.


I’ve only got myself to blame,

Treating life like a bloody game

Lying aint a game I want to play

Time to pull my head in I say


I really needed to face the facts,

Sick of playing out these bullshit acts,

Time to put my childhood scares to bed,

Life is to be enjoyed and respected.


It’s going to be a hard thing to do,

But start being real and true.

Start with being honest to yourself,

Put the bullshit act back on the shelf.


No one really believes the crap,

It’s you own vicious trap,

But family and loved ones really care,

Well they must do they’re still there.


So do what needs to be done,

Reach out and talk to someone.

Face your fears and do it anyway,

You’re worth it, is what I say


Swallow your pride admit the facts,

A true brother will have your back.

They won’t feed you crap or ditch you,

It’s all about realizing who is true.


But until you come to that place,

Start looking yourself in the face.

Stop putting yourself through torture,

You’re better than this for sure.


Start being kind to yourself

Take care of your inner health.

Tell someone how you truly feel,

Stand up now and get real.

Don’t fell small or weak etc

Let it go, set the negative crap free.

We’ve made it this far mate,

Show yourself some love not all this hate

Believe in yourself!