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Tom Doyle: Pope, cardinals donʼt need prayer; they need to listen

Published on National Catholic Reporter (

Recently I finished reading Xavier Rynne’s monumental volume on the Second Vatican Council. I didn’t read it when it was first published because I was struggling through theology, just trying to get a grip on the dogmatic and canonical mysteries of the Catholic church I was born into and into which I had thought I’d soon be ordained.

Reading the book now was more soul-jarring than had I read it then. What’s so shocking?

At the council there were a significant number of bishops, archbishops and cardinals who actually had a handle on the real world and on the reasons the Church Triumphant left by Pius XII was so out of touch. This is shocking in light of the fact that these men were raised in a radically different church, steeped in clericalism, power and control. Continue reading

Welsh Rugby Squad Support MSSAT Waikato

The Welsh rugby squad won praise from charity fundraisers in New Zealand yesterday after dipping into their own pockets to help a local cause. They handed over $NZ1800 collected amongst themselves in a light hearted fines system imposed for small misdemeanors.

Players or coaches who wore the wrong strip for team training or turned up late for any meeting faced tough fines from the tour watchdog, hooker Matthew Rees. He quickly collected a pot of cash which the players decided they wanted to go to a good cause. They were then told about the MSSAT Waikato Trust which gives vital help to male victims of sexual abuse.

Charity boss Mike Holloway met the squad at a Waikato Stadium on the eve of test training session where the cash was handed over. He said: “This is a magnificent gesture by the boys and every dollar will be used to help young men and boys who are in urgent need. Our charity focuses on a very difficult subject so having the support of the Welsh squad will help young victims find the confidence to come forward. “This is a substantial donation for us and I am full of respect for their decision to give us this direct help.” Continue reading